Rick Allaway and his staff have provided us with great cleaning service for the past 27 years. They are punctual and flexible. They have always been open to suggestions and they are willing to take on any unique requests as needed. We highly recommend them.

                                                                                                                        -Al & Pat Leonard


Rick Allaway and his cleaning company have been my housecleaning service for almost 20 years  I hired him on the recommendation of a friend when I no longer could keep up with the housework myself.  I recommend him for the following reasons:  He and his crew do a good basic cleaning every week of toilets, bathrooms, floors, and general dusting, so I always have a clean house despite the fact that I cannot clean it myself.  He is always willing to listen to me and correct any problem or pay special attention to a problem area.  He is dependable and comes on the day he says he will; also he has always been willing to be flexible if I occasionally need to change the schedule.  And last but far from least, he and his crew are completely honest.  I even have him come into my house when I am away on vacation.


“Rick and his crew have been cleaning my 1100 sq’ home for almost ten years. He consistently does a great job and has always been more than flexible when my travel schedule has has interrupted the usual cleaning schedule we agreed on. Whether it’s come early, stay late, or change day, he never fails to make sure to accommodate my needs so that my weekly housecleaning gets done and gets done well. He has never let me down !”


Rick Allaway has been housecleaning for us for about 20 years. Sometimes he has worked alone, and sometimes has an assistant. Rick is trustworthy and punctual. We are absolutely confident about his coming into our house while we are away, and has at times also taken care of our cat while we’re gone. He has access to a lock box and lets himself in. Rick has never missed a scheduled day, and always lets us know in advance if he needs to come on a different day or time. If we ask Rick to do something special he will. Also, he is attentive to John’s sensitivity to the smell of cleaning materials, and uses organic cleaners.

                                                                                                                          -Linda& John Elgart

Rick has been cleaning our home for about 10 years and we've been very pleased.  He and his crew are both thorough and very quick and efficient.  We've also appreciated that he has been extremely flexible in adjusting schedules as needed.  We highly recommend Rick for your cleaning needs.

                                                                                                                            -Ed & Warren

Sacramento, Sacramento County 95838


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